The Shabazz Firm

Attorney Herrittaccei ShabazzThank you for considering me as your legal advocate. Finding an attorney that you can trust with your legal issue is an important decision. You might be reading this because you have a problem, and need to know if I can help you address it. Let me introduce you to the work I do here at my law office.I cover a range of practice areas and jurisdictions, handling cases in Fulton, Dekalb, Clayton, Gwinnett, Cobb, Rockdale, Newton County and many more. I assist clientele throughout Georgia, under Georgia laws. Clients in the state of Georgia who have been unjustifiably denied their rights, or have experienced unjust treatment, come to the Shabazz Law Firm in their quest to solve their legal issues and to become whole again. I am community-focused. I believe in access to fairness and justice for everyone.

The Shabazz Firm accepts an exclusive, limited clientele so that I can zealously advocate for you. I never want you to feel as though you’re competing with a crowded clientele for my attention.

Do you need an advocate, but worry that an attorney’s assistance is beyond your reach? Please let me know, so that we can address your options. If your rights are at stake, contact me today and let’s get the help you need.