Resolving Contract Disputes and Unfair Business Practices

The Georgia Fair Business Practices Act focuses on:

  • False advertising,
  • Deceptive labels,
  • Misleading warranties,
  • Fake endorsements,
  • Misrepresentations about how, where, and by whom a product was made,
  • People who fake their credentials (such as people who worked on your car falsely saying they were licensed mechanics)

To strive for a quick and satisfactory resolution, the Shabazz Firm can notify the seller, on your behalf, of an intent to sue under the Act. There are several other laws that protect you against contract abuses:

  • The Federal Trade Commission gives the buyer certain rights to cancel certain contracts that cover work or products.
  • Georgia’s Transient Merchants law requires a vendor without a fixed Georgia business address to be licensed in the county where they sell products.

If you find yourself unable to obtain a fair resolution from a person or business, learn more about effectively fighting back. Contact me.