Landlord Tenant

Seeking Fairness For Renters in Georgia

Georgia landlords have to abide by federal, state, and local rules when they rent a property to you. Landlord-tenant law in Georgia covers a lot, and if you have an issue, there is likely a provision in the law to help.

For example, anti-discrimination laws say a landlord can’t ask certain questions of their rental applicants in most situations. And the law gives a firm, one-month deadline for the landlord to return your security deposit when you move out.

You have a right to live in a safe, well-maintained place. Georgia law also restricts landlords from evicting tenants too soon, or charging too much for bounced checks.

I fight for a fair solution for you if your landlord has fallen short of any of these legal marks.

Your rental agreement is complicated. But the reality is simple. Landlords who make renters sign unfair or illegal provisions, and landlords who don’t tell you what they must under Georgia’s landlord-tenant law, can face consequences.

Do you have questions about your apartment or your lease? As an experienced Georgia landlord-tenant attorney, I can point to the answers, and defend your rights.