Having Your Day in Court

There might be ways to achieve fairness that don’t involve going to court. My aim is to give you the information and analysis you need to decide for yourself. Especially in situations that could lead to future conflicts, I focus on equipping you with the tools and knowledge needed every step of the way.
Sometimes, going to court is the last resort. Sometimes, it’s the best way to obtain justice. Fighting for your rights in court takes a special kind of legal advocate. With the Shabazz Firm on your side, you’ll have a fearless defender.

My litigation experience covers a wide range of case types, including:

  • Family law issues,
  • Breach of contract,
  • Negligence and personal injury,
  • Mechanic shop negligence,
  • Fraud cases

Bad car or home repairs can be especially frustrating to fix. A lawyer can cut through the excuses and demand a fair resolution.